How To Promote In Forum

In Forum Marketing, we still can get this duality to work harmoniously:

Self Promotion and Selfless Promotion.

3 Key Ways to get the Posts and the Forum Signature File working in harmony.

1.The members are asking for help in a particular topic,these are targeted and ready audience.You provide the solution in your posts, all adhering to the good Forum rules, no links in post, not directing to the signature file.

There are many ways to the above writing of posts.

These are my Strategy :
a.To achieve the maximum impact, I would focus on a few selected topics where I have expertise and experience to be authentically useful and insightful.

b.I would only answer those questions that are related to my focused topics. I would leave other topics for other experts to answer.

c.I would prepare elaborately the answers, making them really useful.

d.I would prepare and post topics that relate to my focused topics separately and use links to direct my answered posts to these detailed articles.

e.To stay clear of the self promotion tendency, I would endeavour to avoid mentioning of my programs if possible.

2.The above ways would not contravene the Rules and you are helpful with good and detailed solutions indeed with all the niche focused postings.

These would be your “Self Promotion”indirectly, ethically,humanely and is a result of the above selfless actions, epitomised by this exemplary Tissa’s tagline-Give,Get,Grow:

:: GIVE :: GET :: GROW ::tm

a.Strong Brand Profile
The expertise illustrated by the well prepared answers and the niche focused posts will enhance one’s personal Brand.

The takers of your GIVE, your unique contributions would feel comfortable and may be impressed by your expertise.Other forum members are reading your posts too, forming favourable impression of you.

Would they want to get more from you?


They will click on your Signature File to access your key hubs.
Are you making connections?

Are you connecting and are they getting into your prime Hubs?

Imagine now these are targeted traffic,trust you, you are enhancing good connections and interaction.

You are not getting strangers who would doubt you.

Are you not getting Self Promotion? Indirectly?

This is the GET.

--------Forum Signature File For Marketing----------
Top Marketers Crafted Their Signature File As An Art Form18 Reasons Why Your Forum Signature File Can boost Your Marketing Effortlessly In Automation
--------Forum Signature File For Marketing----------

3. The GROW path of the tagline.
In preparation for the detailed and well research posts, you are learning, checking your thinking and insights. You would be refining what you know and new knowledge that you get.

You have a series of inter-related posts.

What would prevent you from re-package all the posts and compile into real useful articles, and eventually eBooks.

All these can be published in Article directories, websites, blogs.

And in your other forums participations, re-worked posts can be used, very efficiently and effectively. Duplicating the above good marketing many folds.

You are creating strong personal brand again.

You are into powerful Forum Marketing and Article Marketing todrive traffic to your sites.

You are GROWING your online business.

The epilogue, only now I understand Tissa’s humble statement.

Beneath the simplicity lies the all powerful modus operandi par excellent.

No wonder we are all here learning.

:: GIVE :: GET :: GROW ::tm

The synergy of Forum Marketing and Article Marketing


Water is fluid, soft, and yielding

But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield.

As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard.

This is another paradox: what is soft is strong.

Lao-Tzu (600 B.C.)

The Mind Map for Forum Marketing Maverick: Build Your Expert Edge Branding,Web Presence & Targeted Perpetual Traffic

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