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I am so very happy and excited, at this moment when I log in to this Forum.

I saw the designation Super Sponsor(SS) below my Picture.

I am so motivated.

I am so charged.

I am so grateful to be in this fraternity, after being adrift and struggling in the wrong places.

I am so thankful for Tissa far-sightedness.

I can feel one solid achievement resonating deep inside in quietude, I have a sublime sense of good composure, sensation, contentment.

Thank you Tissa and all our friends here, the continuing SS,the new SS, the aspiring SS, and many many more new members joining our fraternity, to the tune of 50 per day.

And the most exciting moment at the same time that I get an email now telling me to log in to my PayPal account to claim my $87.90 from Tissa.

Wow, where can you find an Affiliate Program that fund you monthly for the followings:
1.Pay your GDI monthly charge of $10.

2.Pay your HostGator web hosting charge of $8.79

3.Pay your 100% Display Rate fund of $29.90

4.Pay your education in Wealthy Affiliate University with the monthly tuition fee of $39.00

All in total $87.90.

While you still learn and making it in Acme People Search Affiliate Program.

If you can find another similarly rewarding scheme, I will donate 50% of my fund to you.

The Excellence Will Continue.

After I have receive my funding from Tissa this morning, I rush to join Wealthy Affiliate University.

I am in Wealthy Affiliate University at this moment now.

Wow!! It is really an amazingly resourceful and training packed rich site.

Totally unsurpassed! It is heroic.

So powerful that I was blow off my seat ephemerally, and struggle impatiently to get up to devour vociferously with all I can find, it is like discovering a golden treasure haute.

I am really vehemently excited.It is sensuous. It is euphoric,it is mind pandemonium.

On Fire.

Educational Splendour.

A kaleidoscopic burst of Hope.

Imagine, all 65 of our Super Sponsors getting solid training and education in WA, and many more SS to come,what would be the influence, the impact, the Branding that Acme People Search Affiliate Program would be building up?

Will there be A Signature Brand of Affiliates?

One Big Solid High Performing Affiliate Team from Acme People Search Affiliates. And this team will build a bigger team.The bigger team will build yet a bigger team.

No wonder it is called Wealthy affiliate University!

We would be All Wealthy.




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